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Cost for Avoca's shops

Many businesses in Avoca are failing to comply with the Disability Discrimination Act of 1992, and for some, rectifying the problem could be costly.

The act makes it illegal to have access to a business which can’t be used by disabled people, mainly people in wheelchairs.

In a report to last week’s Pyrenees Shire Council meeting, the manager of Asset and Development Services, Mr Peter Reeve, said only four of 25 business premises on the east side of High Street complied with Act, and only five of 13 on the west side were compliant.

Lake depends on Govt. funds

The future development of Lake Beaufort is largely dependent on Pyrenees Shire Council securing government grants, a report to council by its CEO, Jim Nolan, has revealed.

Mr Nolan said his report raised a number of matters which also were dependent on funding to inform about future works, including soil testing, survey, cultural heritage, flora and fauna assessment, and design. 

First learner gets his plates

Beaufort teenager, Keith Wilkinson, is the first learner driver to get his P plates under the Pyrenees L2P driver/mentor program.

“Getting your licence is a big thing which can open up so many opportunities,” Philip Kynoch, School Chaplain and L2P driver mentor, said.

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