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Police staging a fund-raiser

The Victoria Police Blue Ribbon Foundation will stage an “Inside Story” event at Maryborough on July 24.

The Inside Story fundraiser features current and retired senior members of Victoria Police telling true stories of crime, investigations and the justice system.

Shire wants to know impact of the bypass

Pyrenees Shire Council Council is asking State Government agencies for funding for a study on the economic impact the new Western Highway bypass would have on businesses in Beaufort.

The council, on its website, says that on one hand there will be fewer vehicle movements through the town for those businesses which rely on passing trade and a detailed analysis of how much this passing trade is currently worth to the local economy needed to be more deeply understood.

Council backing the energy industry

Pyrenees Shire Council Mayor, Tanya Kehoe, and CEO, Jim Nolan, have supported the alternative energy industry at a conference in Canberra,

Cr Kehoe and Mr Nolan were attending the 21st National General Assembly of Local Government.

Cr Kehoe said it was a great opportunity for council to vote on a range of motions and advocate for the region.

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