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A huge crowd at the rally

A huge crowd attended the 108th Lake Goldsmith Steam Rally last weekend.

The crowd was estimated as the second biggest in the event’s history, exceeded only by the 100th rally four years ago.

The carpark was full and overflowing by early morning as people came to see the steam traction engines and static exhibits.

Beaufort workshop will advise on climate change

Farmers and landholders in the Pyrenees Shire can get ahead of their competition by attending a short workshop focused on the farming opportunities expected to emerge as a result of climate change.

Climate change is recognised as one of the leading drivers of change for Australian agriculture. To remain competitive and sustainable, farmers need to be equipped with appropriate knowledge and information to plan for such change.

CFA is becoming worried

The CFA is becoming increasingly worried that it could be facing another dangerous fire season this summer.

The danger was emphasised by CFA community liaison and education officer, Reinhard Pohl, at a community information session at Amphitheatre last week.

Mr Pohl said this year’s fire season was arriving late because of unseasonally heavy spring rains.

But those rains also meant more fuel in our forests and across farmland.

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