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Dangerous crossings not on the highway

The level crossings between Maryborough and Ararat which pose the biggest danger to the travelling public are not actually on the Pyrenees Highway.

The three worst are one near Bung Bong, where high ground prevents visibility of the railway line until one is actually on the crossing, Vinoca Road in Avoca, which has extremely poor visibility and endangers people travelling to Blue Pyrenees Estate and Mount Avoca wineries and on the Beaufort-Amphitheatre Road at Amphitheatre.

Govt. wants 300 more firefighters

The Victorian Government is once again recruiting project firefighters to join the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning, and Parks Victoria, for the coming fire season.

DELWP Murray Goldfields district manager, Paul Bates, said project firefighters played a vital role in keeping the community and the environment safe from bushfire.

An unusual connection

The daughter and grandchildren of former Beaufort man, Kevin Hains, can claim an unusual distinction.

They are related to the man after whom Beaufort is named. That story is covered in more depth in a feature article on Page 9 today.

But of the 30,000 people who descended from Sir Thomas Manners, the First Earl of Rutland, one was Kevin’s late wife, Daphne Manners.

Another descendant of the First Earl was a certain Fitzroy Somerset, the youngest of seven sons born to Henry Somerset, the Fifth Duke of Beaufort.

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