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Avoca chosen to host Australia Day celebrations

Avoca has been selected to run Australia Day celebrations in Pyrenees Shire in 2015.
At this week’s council meeting, a submission from Avoca Business and Tourism Inc to host the celebrations was discussed by councillors.
They unanimously endorsed the proposal put forward by ABAT.
It’s the first time Avoca has offered to stage the shire-wide celebrations since they began nine years ago.

Landsborough community welcomes new Police member

At 10.30 am last Saturday morning the Landsborough community complex was buzzing with excitement.  The occasion was a community welcome for Leading Senior Constable Paul Gudde and Mrs Gudde.
Landsborough has been without a Police presence for much of the last four years and local residents are delighted.


Top award for Senses

Take a drive on the weekend to the Senses Ice Creamery in beautiful Amphitheatre.  Step back in time and enjoy ice cream or perhaps stay for lunch.
 John Sullivan and Catherine Spicer have developed a large selection of ice cream flavors to delight your taste buds.  Recently they have been awarded two Gold Medals, one from the Royal Melbourne Fine Food awards for Butterscotch liqueur with pralined ginger, and another from the Royal Hobart Fine Food Awards for Dark Chocolate Bailey's Mousse.

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