This week in the Pyrenees Advocate


Council agrees to close Trawalla intersection

Pyrenees Shire Council has agreed to a request to officially close the Ercildoune Road intersection with the Western Highway.
VicRoads wrote to council asking for permission to close the intersection as part of the Western Highway Duplication Project.

Tree removal angers Landcare

A local Landcare group has lodged an official complaint with VicRoads about the removal of trees for the Western Highway Duplication Project near Beaufort.
Ararat Landcare has written to the roads management body, saying its members and members of the community are dismayed at the destruction of so many large native trees between Beaufort and Buangor.

Thieves steal charity tin from Beaufort tip 

The operator of the Beaufort Transfer Station is dismayed by the theft of money destined for charity.
Terry Chilcott has an area set aside where he places useable items for people to buy for a gold coin donation.
The proceeds of the tin are supposed to be shared between Beaufort’s two op-shops, however thieves stole it earlier this month.

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